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Elevate your swim experience with specialized swimming lessons. Refine your strokes, maximize potential, and dive into a professional journey toward victory.
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Unlock your Potential

Refine your strokes, enhance your stamina, swim better and faster. For only €30 you can start your swimming journey. Every training is personalized for your needs.
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Our Services

Stroke Improvement

We concentrate on enhancing both your strokes and technique, striving for continuous improvement in your overall performance.

Endurance Building

Boost your stamina and endurance significantly, designed to not only enhance your physical fitness but also ensure you build lasting endurance for a healthier you.

Speed Enhancement

Elevate your swimming speed through our specialized training programs designed to optimize your performance in the water.

Advance Techniques

Discover and master cutting-edge swimming techniques that bring both excitement and advancement to your aquatic skill set.

win and swim training Friendship pools

Friendship Pool

A modern sport facility with a 25m length pool with warm water. Located in Amsterdam Nord is the perfect place for advance swimming lessons.

Is accessible by car with a massive parking space, by bike with bike spaces, and also by bus with 5-10 minutes walk.


Every Thursday from 19:30-20:30


Beemsterstraat 652, 1027 ED Amsterdam


Startin from €30

Why Choose Us

Expert Coaches

Coaches with years of experience

Precision Guidance:

Tailored expertise for complete satisfaction.

Friendly Environment

Be part of a team with the same goals.

Health Benefits

Revitalize health with swimming lessons

Client Testimonials

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Online Videos

Want to learn between the lessons? Check our online videos once you signed in.

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As a competitive swimmer and as a Coach. My whole life has been in the pool.

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Adults or kids, both learned and improved their strokes.

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Spend in the pool with the smell of chlorine as perfume.

Expert Coaches with years of experience

Our classes offer unparalleled swimming lessons and invaluable tips to ensure you receive the finest instruction available.